150-1000W Patent Stadium Symmetric LED FLOOD LAMP

ARON LUX ENERGY 160lm/W LED FLOOD Lamp ALUX-FHB series adopt qualified super bright Philips chip as light source and others eco-friendly materials, stable quality,IK10 long lifetime and no UV IR emission. The anodized die-cast aluminum house with good heat dissipation design and the reflector treated by anodic oxidation, combined the lamp tightly to make a real high luminous efficiency, powered by low voltage constant current driver, it’s safety, energy saving and long lifetime. Saves 70% power comparing conventional lights, good choice for industrial&stadiums lighting solutions.

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  •  1.Philips Lumileds 5050 2D LED, 160lm/w, CRI>Ra80. Junction temperature <70°C 
     2.TaiWan MeanWell LED Drivers, wide AC90V~305V, PF>0.98, low THD<10% 
     3.Ultra-thin modular heat dissipation guarantees long lifetime up to 100, 000+hours
     4.Light transmittance up to 98%. Asymmetric and symmetrical beam angles of 30°/60°/90°//80*150°
     5.New design on appearance. Simple installation, easy disassembly. Wide range of application
     6.High strength 6063-T5 aluminum alloy. Out door powder spraying and UV protection materials coated
     7.Secondary optics design, anti-glare. Low UGR<20. 
     8.Switch/DMX512/DALI/0-10V and Zigbee dimming models are available
     9.CE RoHS SAAC-Tick ETL FCC and IK10 approved, 7 years warranty
     10.Suitable for sports field, stadiums, port , warehouse, industrial area, etc.

    Installation Instructions

    1. Takeout the lamp from packing box.
    2. Fix the light on mounting frame and keep stable placement. For safety, make sure the power cables are connected by electricians.The power cord is 1.0MM2 triple shield wire, the brown is live wire, blue is neutral wire, and yellow/green is earth wire.

    Maintenance/Repairing Instructions:

    1. Make sure the power has been turned off before maintenance or repairing.
    2. Clean the glass cover regularly to maintain high transmission of light .
    3. Clean up the dust from the glass cover and heat-sink regularly to keep sound heat dispersion.
    4. Be careful not to use water or corrosive solution for cleaning, preferably with a dry cloth.
    5. When install or replace power supply, directly open the back cover with a screwdriver, then remove the power supply.
    6. On DC power out put, the red cable corresponds to the positive power polarity, and black corresponds to the negative. Pay attention do not reverse the positive and the negative in any circumstance.

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      Brief Introduction Of Cricket

    Cricket, also known as wooden ball, has always been praised as "gentleman's game" and is a sportsmanship and fair play sport. Cricket originated in Britain and prevailed in Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal and other countries. Cricket is played mainly in spring and summer, and complements football in autumn and winter.
    Cricket is a comprehensive sport that exercises hand-eye coordination and integrates upper limb movement control, skills and strength. The competition events are team events.
    Speaking of cricket, it is well known that the most enthusiastic is the Indian, who won the first cricket World Cup trophy in 1983.

      National Cricket Stadium Lighting Standard

    The cricket stadium lighting system needs to be divided into three levels of non-televised training, non-televised match, high-definition televised match, and the appropriate conversion system needs to be installed.
    For the needs of TV broadcast, the choice of cricket stadium led floodlight must be a color rendering index >90, with a clear relative color temperature and a narrow color conversion. Only by meeting such standards can the color coordination in the TV picture be guaranteed without distortion. In order to meet these standards, we need to choose high-index cricket stadium light.
    Illumination requirements(Average lux ) for cricket stadium led floodlight:
    Non-televised training ─ 250-400 lux
    Non-televised match ─ 500 to 700 lux
    High-definition televised match ─ 1000-2000 lux
    Through the impact matrix analysis, the following important quality key points must be considered in cricket stadium lighting:
    1. Low glare effect can improve the athlete's exercise level.
    2. Appropriate light source color rendering index can bring a better picture experience to TV viewers.
    3. The propagation of light (horizontal and vertical) covers the trajectory of the ball, even if the ball slides on the ground.
    4. The high brightness within the venue ensures that the batter hits the ball at 150 mph.
    5. The light overflow rate is low.

    UFA Cricket Stadium Lighting Project In Russia

    Here share a cricket stadium lighting project in Russia for your reference.

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